During my youth I never had to struggle with weight. I was a string bean. Had the nickname "legs," and my friends were all heavier than me and often wished that I'd get fat. Which I did.

Real Fat.

After 4 years of fertility drugs and depression I was tipping the scales at a whopping 240 pounds and wearing a size 22-24. People would say "I carried it well" being that I am 5'10", but the truth was clear to me. . . I was obese and my body was suffering. My knees ached and my asthma was at its worse. So, after Jerry and I decided to throw in the towel on fertility treatments I began taking Phentermine and went on a diet. I lost over 85 pounds. Here are just a few photos of my progress. I began dieting at the end of October 2004. Weighing in at 240 and wearing a tent sized Dorothy costume.

This about 20-25 pounds lighter. It is 4 months after I started dieting. I am down about 2-3 sizes and feeling much better. You can see in my face that I've lost a little.
I am at the 2005 pub crawl. I am down 8 sizes and down another 15 pounds I believe. My t-shirt is a size large and was not purchased in the Plus Size section. I was starting to feel like me again.
It's April 2005. I am down another 10 pounds or so. I feel good. But I know I have a long way to go.
Another April Shot. It's end of April. I just completed (day after) our last in vitro and it wasn't a success. I maintained my weightloss and am feeling great!
It is now June. I am down 10 sizes. I am feeling wonderful and am weighing in at around 165, or so.

Jerry and I went to a cubs game in July. I have officially lost 85 pounds and am down to a size 10-12. I feel fantastic and well, little did I know that I was pregnant in this shot.


So, guess what...

I'm fat again. :)


It was worth it. I gained about 90 pounds during my pregnancy. Yeah... 90. I've lost about 30-35 since giving birth. I am anxious to get back to exercising and taking Phentermine, but that will have to wait until I am done nursing.