August 2007

August 25, 2007

Well, it's harder to blog than I thought. When Maddie got sick, well, everything else gets put on hold. A lot of events happened in the last week and a half, this will kind of cover that time frame. She is much better, though I still see a tiny rash on her face that has not completely gone away and of course she has started with the runny nose and sneezing, meaning the never ending cycle of viruses and bugs is back full circle and here we go again. She went back to school on Monday August 20. She was fine, and had a good day. We picked her up and she didn't want to leave, as usual. She always wants to go outside. For the first time ever she threw a complete fit on Thursday, when I dropped her off. All she does is say school, school, all week and though I know she has no concept of time but, I try to explain not today. Only on Mondays and Thursdays. She screamed and hollered "mama" and cried and I felt so bad leaving her there in her teachers arms flailing, but I know without a doubt she loves it there. I know separation anxiety starts usually around this time, and she does often not want me to leave when I drop her off, but once she gets distracted in something she doesn't care I am gone. The night before we had a bad storm that scared her and she had a hard time getting back to sleep. Thursday was eventful, kind of. We had terrible storms come through. 80 MPH winds and a tornado warning. I was driving through it on the way home from an appointment, worrying about Maddie and what was going on as I know their protocol when there is a warning, they seek shelter in the small bathroom located in their room until the warning has been declared over. So, Jerry decided to pick her up and I met him there, and when I got there her teacher and 5 toddlers are in a bathroom no bigger than 5 x 5 feet, I swear, it is the smallest room I've ever seen. And it was like a 100 or more degrees in the room. When the door opened a rush of heat and a smell slapped me in the face as unfortunately someone had filled a diaper, probably more than one child, and Maddie was one of those guilty as charged. The kids were screaming, and Maddie crawled out of that smelly sauna faster than I'd ever seen her move. And of course threw a fit because I would not let Go Outside to play, or let her walk out of the center into the rain. She has been very, I'm not sure of the word, I guess "challenging" fits, with me. Every thing is a fight, putting her in her highchair, car seat, stroller, keeping her in the stroller, shopping cart, she has an opinion suddenly about the clothes I am going to put on her. Diaper changing is just a scream and wigglefest like I am beating her. With me, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say she is a 7 in testing the boundaries. With daddy, about a 3. Not fair. She has developed I believe a fear of the dark. She has been waking a lot, usually falling back to sleep on her own, but often yells mama, and says scared. And I can't let her be when something is scaring her. I got a dimmer for her lamp so we can take it down a bit, but not off. Got some pink bulbs for her night lights as the others were just a little too bright, and the pink seems to defuse the light, but still give some comfort. She has started to need comforts, like a blanket and her Elmo stuffed doll. She is obsessed with Elmo. She loves him and Cookie monster. Though she only calls him Cookie. She watches Sesame Street and it usually keeps her attention, but the show is an hour and she does desire to move onto something new after a half an hour. She is soaking up words like a sponge and I am amazed at how she quickly she picks things up. She was in the tv room, playing on her own, and I could hear her counting, though I know she still isn't sure what counting is, I heard her say "nine, ten." She doesn't really count 1 to 10, perfectly, but if i say 1, she'll say 2, if I say 3, she'll say 4, and often she'll get the right numbers in the right order. She is a huge fan of her bath crayons. I bought her some crayola bath crayons from CVS. She loves coloring the bathtub. I usually sit tub side, on the built in seat (toilet) and draw pictures with her. Often, she'll want to do what mama does, and demands to sit on the toilet and draw. She can't quite reach the tub though, and get's frustrated that she cannot draw on the tub like I am able. I also got her some paint and a paintbrush, bath paints that is, and will spend all her time painting and playing. Unfortunately, she has found that I don't like it when she dumps cups of water onto the floor. So, of course, at every chance she gets she dumps water on the floor. Loves to splash, and swim. I soaped her up once, and let her slide around on the tub floor. She thought that was a blast. Clumsy - that is Maddie's latest adjective. She will bump, trip, knock over, bruise, cut, rip, tear, puncture parts of her body all day long. You look away for a second, I know all mother's can relate, and she is lying under a gate that was propped up by the fireplace, some how laying under a push toy, bleeding from her mouth after tripping on the patio or sidewalk. I'm getting much better at responding calmly to the site of her blood. I have no fear of blood, but when it's coming out of a little toddler, your baby girl, and she is screaming in a manner that you are sure means stitches and possibly a call to 911 it's hard not to get worked up. So far she has not gotten her parents severe fear of heights. The higher she can climb the happier she is. I think she wants my heart to skip, pulsate violently, or she just enjoys the nagging, screeching sound of my voice screaming "Maddie, Noooo, Waaaaitttt for mama!!" Whenever she falls she always says, "Are you OK?" Having heard that a zillion times from mama. Her daycare teachers say, she is so sweet. When someone falls she runs over, "Are you ok?" She is taller than all the other kids in her class. I was noticing that she is much taller and bigger than they all are, and more aware of herself and her surroundings. The staff was amazed she is talking as much as she is, and that she is very interactive with them. I have a feeling that most people think she is much older than she is. Whenever we go anywhere, they say "How old is she, 2?" and I'll say, not quite yet. And everyone is amazed at how much older she appears. Well, it must be her amazing genes. :)


August 13, 2007

Maddie has strep throat. She started with a fever on Friday, and on Saturday I put her down for a nap and she woke up with a rash all over her face. She is on antibiotics and seems to be doing better already.


August 8, 2007

Maddie is 1 year, 17 months today!!!

Maddie got up at 5 am today. So did mom. :o( We had breakfast and Maddie ate very well. She had watermelon, a pancake, some applesauce with baby oatmeal mixed in, and a banana. Maddie and mom went to mom's weight loss doctor appointment. She had fun interacting with a little girl who was newly 1, named Abby. She lost interest in her pretty quick though, and wanted to run the hallway back and forth, and back and forth. She was chatting up a storm, trying all the different office door knobs, and constantly pushing on the men's room door. She started to get very tired during my consultation and started fighting me, and crying, as I needed to keep her on my lap. I gave her some goldfish crackers and some water and that helped. We came home and Maddie took a needed nap. After she woke up and we had lunch, Maddie painted two masterpieces. She loves to paint. We had a tornado warning today and the sirens scared her. She spent a lot of time playing outside with Daddy.


August 7, 2007

Maddie went swimming today with mom and dad in the big pool. She threw a huge fit when we tried to put a life jacket on her. She constantly struggles while in the pool to be let go, but she doesn't understand she can't touch the bottom. We try, short of actually letting her go, to explain that she is too short, but it's much like explaining to a brick wall. She screamed so loud and constant I think our neighbor, who was out talking on her phone, thought we were drowning her.


August 6, 2007

Maddie had day care today. She has just started to show some early signs of separation anxiety. I know she LOVES to go to "school" but when I dropped her off she would not let me leave. She grabbed my legs, so I tried to get her to walk through a caterpillar tunnel they have, but she saw the toy vacuum cleaner and went for that. I snuck out but she caught me through the window. I waved twice and said "Bye-Bye." She gave a strange look, and then turned and pushed the vacuum. . . Jerry and I picked her up today, and we were told immediately that Maddie was bit by another kid. She had a bite mark across her thumb. I guess they were both going for the same toy and the kid bit her. I asked her if she tried to bite the kid back, and her teacher said she wouldn't let her. I assume that maybe she tried. :)