Well, the story goes. . .  

It was a warm July day and I got the feeling something was up. I was feeling super dizzy, but I had no reason to think I was pregnant after having a miscarriage in 1997, then going through over 3 years of fertility treatments. This totaled 6 months of Clomid, 4 tries of IUI (In Uterine Insemination) and 4 tries of IVF (In Vitro Fertalization) including one miscarriage with our first IVF attempt.

We had just completed our last and final round of In Vitro in April of 2005, after a 6 month break and it wasn't successful. I accepted that this may be God telling us that it was not in his plans for us to have a child. At least maybe not a biological child. We made the decision that though we'd never completely give up trying to have our own child, a very long break was needed. No more fertility treatments.

So jump ahead a few months on this warm July day. I had just lost a total of 85 pounds and I was feeling great. I got down to a size 10/12 and made a joke that if I were to ever get pregnant it would be now since I finally weigh less than I did as a freshman in college. Again, I was feeling fine, but I was very dizzy. Everytime I stood up I felt like my head went heavy and would lose balance. I was taking a drug called Phentermine that a couple friends had used and had amazing weightloss success with and it was working great for me too, but the drug never made me dizzy. I realized that I was late, about 2 weeks late. I have had irregular periods in the past, but never 2 weeks irregular. I was sure it was just my weight loss.

There was no way I was pregnant, but just in case I would go buy a test and make sure. I mean miracles do happen right? Better safe than sorry. I ran to Walgreens and purchased a Walgreens brand pregnancy test. There were 2 tests inside. I followed the instructions and waited, but I didn't have to wait long the test was immediately postitive! I couldn't believe it so I re-read the instructions. A blue line in the first circle meant the test was working correctly, a blue line in the second circle meant pregnant. Ok, something must be wrong with the test. So I tried again with the second test, and immediately a blue line in each circle. Ok, what is up I thought?

I called my husband on the phone. I think I said, don't read anything into this, but I took a pregnancy test and it's positive. He said he was just on line reading pregnancy symptoms and had a feeling I was pregnant. I told him this was never how I wanted to tell him, over the phone, but we have been through so much over the last few years. I didn't want to get our hopes up so I wasn't going to make a huge production out of it.

After I hung up with Jerry I was terrified. I didn't know what to do. I called my fertility doctor, but decided to hang up and just call the regular OB/GYN doctor. The doctor was kind enough to get me in the following day to run some tests. They new my history and my panic so they brought me in and right away confirmed my pregnancy was positive. They then had me get an ultra sound to see how far along I might be. Based on my last cycle, I should be around 6 weeks. Amazingly the ultra sound tech was Theresa from the fertility clinic. During my last In Vitro she had left the clinic and I wasn't sure where she went. She remembered me and had been the one to deliver the bad news regarding our miscarriage during round 1, in vitro. It appeareed that she again might be the bearer of bad news. She said, well, Diona, I'm sorry. I don't see a fetal pole. She would expect to see this at this stage. Though things looked bad she said I'm not comfortable calling it. Its too early to say for sure. We may be off a week or two. They took a blood test to measure my HCG levels and called with the results the following day to say they were normal, but wanted me to come back in after 48 hours to see if they doubled. They didn't. They told me this on a Friday. I freaked. I didn't want to wait the weekend to find out that our baby might be a miscarriage. But I had to wait until Monday and I let my mom and my mother-in-law know and asked for them to pray for the baby and us.

Jerry and I were preparing for the bad new. I remembered how horrible it was when we lost our baby. Even though you might not be far along, it's still your child and you feel such a loss. We went into the u/s room and Theresa began to scan and she said, "Diona, I see a heartbeat. It couldn't be any better. It's perfect." I began to cry. She said that I was going to make her cry. All I could think was praise the Lord. Yet I kept that too myself. I swore from that moment on I would be sure to praise God in all things, trust in him, and use this pregnancy as a chance to tell others of God's wonderful love and miracles.